I am a Bible believing wife, mother and herbalist. Born and raise in Minnesota. Currently living in St. Paul where my husband and I are raising our growing family of 7. 5 kids; Jedidiah (5), Elisabet (4), Joesph (2), ZevidaEve (1), Heziekiah (Due in March 2022). Living in the cities there are restrictions but we do our best to create a wonderful place to where are able to grow our veggies, meat and medicine. Homeschooling our children in the mix of homesteading our property. Studying Gods word daily, to know Him and what He has for me in each moment.

Ancient Medicine Cabinet

is my herbal remedy small business. Ran by my sisters and I. Created herbal medicine for many friends and families at a low cost in order to make it affordable for anyone. As we also do craft fairs to share our products and share the gospel. Herbal tinctures, herbal salves, and creams, and now pairing up with a few other small business owners to provide local honey, colloidal silver, and more! Sold here at our website.