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Have you ever wanted to hear the story of the Oregon Trail from the perspective of a horse? I have a unique story for you and your children to read! Appaloosy Books, Blue Skies West by Mattie Ricardson covers the story of a family of 7 making their journey across the Oregon Trail. 

Blue Skies

Mattie Richardson goes on to tell the story from the family’s horse perspective starting on a small farm in Iowa taking off from the “jumping off” point of Independence, Missouri. Through each chapter, she writes in detail about how this family made the decision to start their journey and how they held onto God’s word through each trial. In the beginning, to reel you in with a glimpse of the trail of saving their children from a roaring river, this is again from what the horse had gone through during this adventure. It really gives you insight into the hardship through a different perspective. Blue Skies West is a softcover book with over 130 pages of the story, epilogue, and further references to continue digging into the story of the Oregon Trail. Each chapter covers a new state the family has journeyed through entailing each trial, sickness, and adventure. 

Our thoughts

I am very fond of this book and astonished at how God used this book at a perfect time to start on the American history part of our homeschooling this year. Reading through really gave my children (and me, mostly me) an interest to continue learning more about our country and the early days of America. My daughter, being one who loves unicorns and horses, thought it was just incredibly clever to have it be the horse telling the story. This is the part that really drew her in. My son was obsessed with knowing where the next trial was going to come from and even knew the verses Pa had shared to continue to turn to the Lord through their adventure. I am one who loves adventure and exploring nature, and my enjoying this leads to my children loving the same. So now in their mind, it must be done, to go on the same trail and adventure across America. I would love this but pray for my husband. Nonetheless, our children and I have greatly enjoyed Blue Skies West, a part of the Appaloosy Books collection, and will continue to read again through the years. 

Homeschool Review Crew

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