Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Do you remember when they created audiobooks telling stories with Biblical truths? Jonathan Park is a great one! We have countless opportunities to teach our children through apps and shows, but how many of those truly teach God’s principles that keep your child engaged? 

Jonathan Park – The Adventure Begins Series Pack

Jonathan Park is an action-packed audio adventure that is full of faith-building and educational evidence for a Creator. Our family had the privilege to review. The Adventure Begins Series Pack. This 4 disc collection is to build your imagination and enjoy immersive stories packed with biblical truth. The discs come in one hard cover case, with cloth flaps to hold the CDs together. Each disc was its own story containing over 5 hours of audio adventures. It includes 4 thrilling adventures that teach your child the science topics of; The Evolutionary Tree, Convergent Evolution The Laws of Energy, Design of the Water Cycle AND Faith building takeaways are; returning good for evil – 1 Peter 3:3 & 9, showing kindness – Gal. 6:10, and teaching consequences of your actions. 

How We Used It

Our family greatly enjoyed having these audio adventures on hand. We used them for bedtime stories, road trip audio adventures, just to have something to listen to while playing with lego in their room. The first time my kids listened to it they were a bit scared but they had not yet been exposed to a mystery-themed audio adventure before, as their 6 & 4. Once I talked them through what was happening and how we used our imagination to help us grasp the story they were telling us they were sold. Every night for weeks they asked for a new story with Jonathan. It reminded me a bit of Adventure in Odyssey but different, different in the adventures Jonathan was taking, same because it was an audiobook and I had to explain how we use our imagination. I thought kids just knew how to do that and maybe some do more than others but I was excited to be able to explain this part of their lives to them through Jonathan Parks Adventures. 

Homeschool Review Crew

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