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The voices and sounds of God’s word for your child’s listening are here! The Adventum audio adventures cover God’s word through your speaker either in the car or at home. Our family had the privilege to review their Volume 1 physical CD set. ON SALE NOW!

About the Stories

The Adventum Vol. 1 comes in both a 4-disc physical CD set or you can opt for a digital download. We chose the physical set, including 4 discs, a hard case cover, and over 4 hours of God’s word! Volume 1 covers the first moment that God spoke the universe into existence, Adam and Eve walking through the garden, how satan fell, and the emotional and spiritual pain during the fall. You get to experience the emotions of Noah and his family through the precaution of building the ark and how God supernaturally shut the Ark door. Covering Abraham and Sarah’s struggle to get pregnant. The blessings and promises God shows them throughout their lives, rescuing Lot before destroying the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. How Issac was promised was fulfilled and how God brought him a wife and the continued life of their twin boys. These discs are well worth the time to listen to. 

How We Liked It

Our family used The Adventum Vol 1 during our car rides. Let me tell you, it was a peaceful ride. Our children were silent in listening to these stories. The action and storytelling kept their attention, mine as well. I’m fairly certain we have played this set through 4 times already. I would say these stories were 98 percent accurate, there were some exaggerations my husband had caught onto, but that is kinda given when you put a story into a play. This did not hinder the story for us. As I said before we listen to it through and through again. My children wanted to know more and were asking questions during the stories so it gave us the opportunity to then bring them back to the physical Bible and read the story again. We really adored how much they were willing and wanted to know what they were listening to.  I also appreciate how the story did not shy away from sin or the story of how satan fell. This gave us a real picture of what sin looks like and how much we need Christ as our savior.

Special Offer

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