Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Are you searching for Christian critical thinking questions for your homeschooling books? Progeny Press offers study guides to many books for your child to understand literature and to rely on the scripture for the truth and values. 

About the company and product

Progeny Press offers digital downloads for early elementary through high school students. They believe God’s word should hold the highest principles in our lives and ultimately our place to find truth in this world. They make incredible study guides bringing it to God’s word to help your child understand the literature their reading and find the truth through the sin of our fallen sinful world. We had the privilege to review their “The Story of Ping Study Guide” for grades K-2. This was a digital download to which you signed in and followed the instructions for an easy download. This Story of Ping Study Guide was multiple questions and a few activities to go through after you read the story. I really enjoyed having the “context” questions, they also provided coloring sheets and word searches. The best part was how they incorporated God’s word in the study. Providing God’s truth in a study is incredible because it gave us the opportunity to learn more about God’s word and have it in every area of our day. Families who love read to read would greatly benefit from these study guides. As a family or a child independently reading. To fully grasp the story and possibly see it from a new perspective.

How we used it 

After the three littles went to bed for a nap, I was able to sit down with my older two and read through this book together. We choose to print out the entire study guide and work through it. I had the study guide in front of me and they had their notebook in front of them. As I read through the story they were able to draw what they were hearing to keep them engaged.  Recently we had a chance to see baby ducks so this book definitely kept their interest. My favorite part was going through the context questions, I really saw their understanding and thinking through given words and phrases to understand the context of the phrase. Our children really enjoyed having the coloring sheets and our son specifically loved having the word search as an activity. I was nervous about them understanding what was going on with the story but by the end was highly impressed with how much they learned and how focused they stayed. 

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