Ever wonder what to do with the mass amount of zucchini that comes from your garden? I mean they are great fresh, but how can we preserve them in a way that we will want to still eat them? Frozen is ok, they tend to be on the soggy side to me anyway. MOCK PINEAPPLE! OR!!! MOCK MANGOS!

Get this, a dear friend of mine was telling me what she had been canning over the last week and she mentioned, mock pineapple. Out of curiosity, I had to ask, what is that? She explained it was zucchini canned in pineapple juice to preserve it and make it taste just like pineapple. Whaaaat? One of the things I struggle with when growing zucchini is persevering. I want as much as I can to preserve in a way that isn’t dependent on electricity. THIS IS IT. 

So I went ahead and asked her a few more questions about what it tasted like, did she actually enjoy it, and so on. She did say she liked it, as did her family. I gave it a shot. I prefer mango over pineapple, so we went with mango juice. Really you want a thick juice so we went with Bolthouse Mango Juice. Me being me, I didn’t even try it before I canned 19 jars of it… Even if we don’t like it we will eat it because who could go wrong with zucchini soaked in mango juice?! 

It never dawned on me till this occasion that zucchini doesn’t really have a taste. The texture is more memorable to me. I don’t mind the texture unless overcooked or thawed. Zucchini is actually a great source of magnesium. They’re high in water, fiber, and electrolytes that can provide a healthy digestive system. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, which help rid the body of free radicals and excess inflammation.

Bottom line, you need them, and you need them canned in pineapple/mango juice, cause why not? Mango has loads of vitamin C, more than oranges! 

A fun trick I’ve learned to use. Freeze 1 tbs of pectin (green apple cores) and pop one into each jar of jelly or whatever you are canning that requires pectin.


5 Pint mason jars 

10 Cups peeled and cubed zucchini 

6 Cups Mango Juice 

2 Cups of Water

1 Cup sugar (optional) – I did not add sugar

¼ cup lemon juice 

½ Cup pectin

Simple Directions

Add juice, water, and sugar into the pot on low

Stir the mixture till sugar is fully dissolved 

Remove from heat

Placed cubed zucchini into mason jars leaving about an inch of space from top

Add lemon juice and pectin to the juice

Add juice mixture to jars 

Wipe off the rims of the jar 

Place lids – fasten rim onto jars

Waterbathe Can jars for 14 minutes (I live in MN so it worked with my altitude)