Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary

We found a fantastic art curriculum! ARTistic Pursuits; Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary is not only fun but educational! Start your artistic adventure today!

ARTistic Pursuits Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary introduces children to the vocabulary of art in ways that produce clear understanding and encourage learners to apply the concepts to their own ideas and interests. This hardcover book shows children how to paint with watercolor crayon, raw in oil pastels, and learn to cut and fold paper to make collage and standing forms. Your children will go through 18 lessons to get a good grasp of words that are commonly used. In art, they can go through history or skip to any period of their choice. You not only receive a physical hardcover book but they also include DVD and Blu-ray disks AND you can add LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE STREAMED COURSE! The DVD includes the lessons taught in the book for a visual learner, and how to use the art materials and tools. You cannot get much better than that! 

How We Used It

Our kids adored this curriculum. They spent HOURS creating books and stories on their own using their new techniques and watercolor crayons. I absolutely adored having the DVD to provide a better explanation of using the material and going through the history of the lessons. This is indeed an easy, extremely fun way to teach your children art. I would highly recommend ARTistic to more friends and family. Our daughter Ellie has adored art and drawing, having this curriculum to teach her more about the subject has had her digging deeper into her love for creating a new world on paper. It has created a desire in her to know more about art, we are very thankful to have the opportunity to review their product. 


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