Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Are you looking for a History TImeline for your children from Kindergarten through HIghschool? Homeschool In The Woods has wonderful printables and add-ons for you.

The Essential Timeline Library provides you with 1,444 timeline figures spanning ancient to modern history. You will receive printable downloads of the following: History Through the Ages Collection of Historical Timeline Figures (our original 1,263-figure collection containing: Creation to Christ, Resurrection to Revolution, Napoleon to Now, America’s History, 80 Bonus Figures), add-On Pak-1 (24 modern figures of the 20th and 21st centuries), add-On Pak-2 (47 modern figures of the 20th and 21st centuries), add-On Pak-3 (110 figures from ancient times to the 19th century), “Record of Time” Printable Timeline Notebook, and Printable Suggested Placement Guide. Everything you need to create a timeline in one complete package!

I had printed out all pages and add ons and honestly, I had a hard time with this. In my head the printing was excessive. I learned it would have been better to print what I needed when I needed it. Instead of sorting it all at once. This timeline is a fantastic tool as you go through history with your children. I plan to use them throughout their schooling from now through high school. This timeline is an amazing tool to keep track of what we are learning. The way we are doing school is not traditional. We are not going through one program or one curriculum for each subject. Having this timeline on the side can wrap our history lessons back into one timeline of what we’ve gone through. I do wish it was a hard copy rather than a digital one. By using it this way we are I believe efficiently able to use it through K-12 as recommended by Homeschool In The Woods company. We did enjoy going through a bit of what we did, there is much more to add and we are excited to continue the line through time.

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