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Teach your children how to start their financial journey in a fun interactive way is here! BUCK, First Bank Account walks a child through how to open their first bank account, and the importance of spending, saving, and giving. This book gives a great outline of where your child should start and the steps they should be taking now!

BUCK First Bank Account

BUCK, First Bank Account is a short story to guide anyone in underside how to choose a bank. Teaching you which type of account(s) one may need and how to open a bank account. This soft-covered book has tips and insights on how to save and what the power of saving can do. BUCK walks you through the process to understand if you are a spender or saver. BUCK walks you through how to and not to use a debit card, he also includes a Bank Comparison and Assessment form. This equips you to choose the right place for your money. It is important to know your behaviors so one can live the best financially independent life possible. 

How We Used It

My son and I read through BUCK, First Bank Account together to help him get an understanding of why and how he can start using his money. As of right now, we don’t want to open a personal bank account for him, but we have set up a jar system as explained in the book. BUCK has also given us a handy checklist on what to ask and look for when we do decide to bring him to the bank for this great opportunity. I really enjoy the easy-to-understand vocabulary and explanation BUCK used throughout this book. It is only 24 pages and a great reference to keep on hand and continues to bring us back to the basics of keeping our finances in order and encouraging us to keep up with discipline in our books. 

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