Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Are you looking for a way to introduce healthy habits to your children and family? American Coaching Academy is the way! They provide easy fun printable resources that teach your family healthy habits such as; muscular endurance, kindness, household chores, muscular strength, and more. 

About the Company

American Coaching Academy has all its resources as a digital PDF providing you with printable challenges as you need. They are designed to engage your kids with fun activities and games; lesson plans, workouts, household plans, showing kindness, nutrition challenges, flexibility challenges, and more. Healthy Habit Tracker is a tracker you color in each day as you complete your task, covering 30 days on each sheet covering a full year of healthy habits! Come check out their website American Coaching Academy has more to offer. 

How We Used It

Our family had completed one month of Healthy Habit Tracker, Tracker Challenge #1 – Muscular Endurance. Our sons were fully engaged and loving it. Jedi was excited to do it every day. Thrilled with the idea that he was building strength. Our son Joe (3) I think just enjoyed the fact that he had something productive to do, regardless he definitely enjoyed it. Elisabet was one who had to get into the flow of working on it before she started to enjoy it. After about a week when she could really get the exercises down for the full minute, there was less complaining from her. Overall I enjoy that each child was able to take the sheet and understand how to do the exercise, was challenged to go beyond their comfort zone and loved that they were able to fill out their chart together. I do have to say there is a challenge that has to do with yoga, personally, I do not have any yoga lessons in our house so I was a tad disappointed to see that challenge. We plan to just toss that one and stick with the other flexibility challenge.

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