Do you know any mamas in need of baby formula? I DO! It’s so heartbreaking to see so many families struggling to find food for their babies. Think about how dependent we are on grocery stores and man-made powdered milk for our children. Not only that but have you also noticed that you can get $10,000 if your baby was permanently damaged from that exact formula people are scrambling to find? 

This is from one mama to the next who has struggled to keep her milk supply up and needed a supplement for her child. I believe there is a certain amount of nutritional value to feeding a newborn to get the right amount of nutrients for a healthy strong baby.  Not just any powered goat milk or gallon of milk from the store will be enough for a little body needing so much more. I do think that raw milk and added supplementation to that raw milk can make an amazing substitute for your child. 

The Weston A Price Foundation has THREE homemade formula recipes. One uses raw cow milk, another raw goat milk, and third is liver-based. I have personally used the raw cow milk formula. Before feeding this formula to my baby I had passed it through to her pediatrician to get clear that this will be safe and efficient for our daughter. As we had more babies I again used it for our next two, this formula saved their lives and I knew it was safe and nurturing for our babies. 

Praying this helps someone and am continuing to be praying for all those families who are struggling during this time.