Freebirth is the practice of women birthing their baby without the assistance of a midwife or medical care. Most of the time the babies are born at home or a specific location special to the parents. 

What Lead Us To a Free Birth

My husband had made “jokes” about having a free birth after our first, but I was not for it. Jedidiah, our first, was a 10 hour, back labor event, to which I had zero mental ability to get through it without help. Jedidiah(1st), Elisabet(2nd) and Joseph(3rd) were all born in a birthing center. ZevidaEve(4th) was then my first home birth with a midwife. I am lucky to be able to say I have had the same midwife who delivered my first 4 babies, and she is truly amazing. Once we got pregnant with Hezekiah(5th), I had it pressing on my heart to do with pregnancy fully depending on the Lord. Not to say you cannot do this with a midwife, you can, it’s just where my heart was at. I had been learning and practicing medical first aid care with my children and family over this last year, so the free birth peaked an interest in where the Lord had been leading me.

We normally don’t see our midwife till I am 12 weeks pregnant, so my husband and I took the 12 weeks to pray on this decision, it’s a big decision, in my opinion. Verse after verse, I have 2-3 pages of notebook papers of Bible verses on this. Trust in Him. It’s walking out in that faith to know He will take care of me and my family, but I need to walk in it. Not just sit by and watch, but walk. He heals the sick, He created this world, He has a plan and purpose to work through you. How could I say no?! 

Prenatal Care 

I still met with my midwife at 12 weeks, but it wasn’t a typical appointment. I had explained to her our plan and told her my concerns and how we planned to do this. We agreed not to go with her this time, but I was still able to consult with her if I had any questions or concerns. This led to many books and research on prenatal care and delivery, the good, bad and ugly. We were not going to just sit around and see if everything worked out. I got my 20 week ultrasound, took blood pressure, pee tests, bloodwork on the right weeks and documented it all. With Lorn and I (mostly me, but he did help) getting to do all the care it created a love of midwifery for me. Do you know why they have you take each any every blood test? Do you know what they are all testing for? Most women just hand over their arm and dont ask questions. I know I did with the first few pregnancies, and that was with a midwife in a birthing center who would explain more than hospital or OBGYN (from what I read/hear).

Labor and Delivery

I am 8 weeks postpartum and still in awe on how the birth went. It wasn’t magical, but it was so empowering. Empowering to hand my mind, soul and body over to God in that intense state and see how He held my hand through. Yes, it still hurt, but it wasn’t the same kind of pain. I felt like I had more mental and physical control. This labor was unlike the rest. My son Joseph was less than 2 hours, and last ZevidaEve was a little over 2 hours long, hard, intense and contraction that were back to back. With Hezekiah’s birth it was 12+ HOURS long. When I woke up with bloody mucus plug and contractions in my back but they were about 10-15 minutes apart. Exhausted, I had sent our kids to a friend’s house for the day and my husband went to work shortly after. I napped and rested in bed all day till about 4-5 pm when my husband had brought our kids back home. He had fed them and started a movie for the kids. Throughout the day my contractions consistently stayed about 10 minutes apart at the same intensity. I had checked the baby heart rate through the day and had been taking my tincture to aid and prep my body for labor. Once 7 hit the contractions got a bit more intense but still stayed 10 minutes apart, by this time I wanted to get up and move. I was walking around for a bit, then moved my peanut ball in our bed. My husband started to get the youngest two kids in bed for the night. Once 8 hit I needed my husband to start pushing on my back as the contractions were getting quite painful. Standing next to the sink, my eldest son gave me hugs the strongest contraction hit, with this I felt my body push and out came a little poo. I went to the toilet as my husband brought our eldest up to his room. Calling for Lorn that I knew was it and the baby was coming. Next contraction hit while trying to clean up but as my body was pushing I hopped into the tub, turning on the shower to ease the pain and make sure I had cleaned efficiently , socks and sweater still on, pooed a little more in the shower and my husband taking off my socks. As I felt down his head was crowning! His little head was right there! I told myself I only need to push once and his head will be out, I pushed and out he came. I had directed my husband to look as his head was out and one more push body was out, I grabbed him up, unwrapped his cord from neck, body and around shoulder. He was crying almost immediately. My husband had handed me a towel to wrap baby up in and we sat just in awe of this beautiful moment. Took a couple photos to remember this moment and moved to our bed. Lorn had brought our medical bucket with the cord scissors, medical equipment and books into the bed as we started to prep for the placenta birth. I had taken some herbs to help blood control and aid the placenta to do its job. We stayed in bed for about 10 minutes nursing and Hezekiah’s cord had turned white while we were getting ready to cut the cord but my contractions were ramping up again and hurt. As I handed Hezekiahs over to Lorn and was clamping his cord out came the placenta, my body just push it out itself! My plan was to cut the cord and move to the bathroom to birth the placenta in the tub, but my body had other plans. Thankfully we had chucks and was prepared for this if it had happened. We finished up cutting the cord and Lorn had than gotten up to get a bowl in order to examine the placenta, making sure it was all there. I did have 5-6 large blood clots with it so we needed to make sure bleeding was under control. I had taken more shepherd’s purse to ensure I would clot. My blood pressure was in normal range was all was good. We had also given Hezekiahs a small check up making sure he had the right reflexes, everything moved properly, height, weight, heart rate, and color was good. It is amazing what your body can do, I stand in awe with how God created our bodies and surrendering to His work and creation we can do anything through Him. 

Postpartum Care

During the first week I had rested in bed with my new baby, letting the older kids come in and snuggle, read books and hold their new brother. I had made some prenatal sitz baths, taking at least one a day, drinking a tea blend I prepared beforehand, drinking 2-3 cups a day along with mother milk tea, and drinking a cup of bone broth daily, eating 3 meals a day with snacks. I had also been taking my blood pressure twice a day for the first 2 days and monitoring blood flow through that first week. Hezekiahs was taken into our pediatrician on day 2 to get a check up and establish him as a patient. I had little to no blood clots and bleeding had lightened after about a week and half, mostly stopped after 3 weeks, here and there spotting and by 4 weeks bleeding had completely stopped. My abs were back together by 6 weeks postpartum. Hormone shifts I pening and I do get periodical cramping as my body is still shifting back. Praising the Lord all went smoothly and we were able to enjoy ourselves as our new little was now here with us.

Hezekiah’s Name

Hezekiah means “God gives strength”, Louis is after my husband’s second father figure growing up, also our pastor (same person), my husband had spent a lot of time with their kids growing up in their house. I adore God for giving me strength, because He did. Throughout Hezekiah’s pregnancy and birth God gave me the strength to take care of our other 4 children, raise chickens, build projects, learn about birth, give birth. God had shown me so much throughout this pregnancy in the calling He has for my life and how I have the strength to do it through Him. I stand in God’s strength, but not only that He has a perfect plan for our son. In His strength our son gets to glorify God throughout his life. Each name we pick for every child is prayed upon and chosen based on what we we believe the Lord has shown us for that child and throughout that pregnancy. He is so faithful and good. 

*If you want to know what herbs I used throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum please email me, I would love to share them with you*