Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Are you trying to get your children more interested in books? Check out LeapFrog’s Learning Success Bundle™. LeapFrog has helped children expand their knowledge and imagination through playtime! For more than 20 years LeapFrog produced award-winning educational products for your young children. 

LeapFrog Learning Success Bundle 

LeapStart Learning Success Bundle is an interactive system that comes with two books. This system is a hard plastic book cover, battery-powered, the pen with wire attached. The Go! Go! Cory Carson Cory Carson Superhero School is a read-along story with activities, and puzzles and teaches problem-solving skills. The second book Adventure In Learning is pages of games, puzzles, and creative challenges. As you touch the pen across the pages the interactive system reads the words or starts the games to teach your children. Each interactive system has two built-in pages. When you plug your system into the computer, sign up for free as a member and download your books. Their instructions are extremely simple and easy to follow, although this bundle comes with the two books pre-downloaded. 

How We Use It 

Our children LOVE LeapFrog, as do I. Hours upon hours of learning, and a time for me to get other housework done as they play! We keep our LeapFrog system on a low shelf so our children are able to pull it out themselves and play whenever. Once we introduced our new books and system they were laughing and so excited to explore their new LeapFrog books. Even our 1-year-old finds great enjoyment in just the interactive system with the built-in pages. The system easily folds up holding one book inside making it easy to bring them on road trips. There have been times during ‘school time’ when I have an older child go through a book with a younger child so I can help others. One tiny downside is the batteries, as so many things are rechargeable now, I’d hoped their newer systems were, but they’re not. The battery life does last a good amount of time, so invest in rechargeable batteries. It’s simple to change out, just unscrew the two screws on the back and switch out. Having the screws hold the batteries is nice so littles cannot easily access them and poof your batteries are gone. 

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