Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Are you looking for classical Christian education? Memoria Press is a family-run publishing company producing education material for you and your students. Promoting the classical heritage of the Christian West. Memoria Press has much to offer; I was honored to receive and review their Memoria Math Challenge. 

About the Product

Practicing math problems is one of the most efficient ways to help your child master math. Memoria Math Challenge by Memoria Press will be a great fit for your children. The focus of the Math Challenge is to give students that practice and aid teachers to know their immediate recall. Each level A, B, and C has addition, subtraction and number practice. Educating from kindergarten to 1st grade. Level A is directed toward kindergarten level, writing numbers, counting, and addition/subtraction up to up to seven, Level B will have addition and subtraction up to 10, Level C is addition and subtraction numbers up to 18. By the end of level C your student will be doing 200 problems daily with ease. Memoria Math Challenge is easy to use with precut sheets to pull out the full sheet. Each level comes with a teachers key for teachers to quickly check their answers. 

Each level is simple and easily accomplished. Starting your math day with this practice really peaks their internet to know more. Memoria Math Challenge books are soft covered with a precut rip on each page for easy removal. It comes with a teachers answer book to correct their work. They start with a simple review on that level and as your progress through the tests they become more challenging, enabling your child to grow and learn through each one.

What We Thought

Our family used it 4-6 times a week!! We loved it. My daughter adored the challenge and excelled at finishing her problems in under 4 minutes a page. As for my son, he has been working through the next book with amazement. He gets through the page rather quickly and loves the idea of it being a “race”. Both levels fit our children very well. Elisabet, 4 years old in Level A. Jedidiah, 5 years old in Level B. Even through sick days these tests are so handy, plus enjoyable, to pull out and still get a but of school in.

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