I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew
Are you searching for a Pre-K/ early elementary French lesson plan? Whistfritz offers French and Spanish for your young child. This curriculum comes with 40 lessons, matching cards, 4 DVDs and 3 CDs. We were given the great opportunity to review their French activity-based curriculum. 

Curriculum Book & Matching Cards

Whistfritz French comes as a physical product as well as providing the option for a digital download. We had received the physical books, matching cards, DVDs and CDs. Their physical book is a paperback with many activities and a great outline of their lessons. We were easily able to follow along and explore all the lessons had in store. Not only does it cover French lessons but their curriculum is cross-curricular exploring Math, Science and PE. Also including a wonderful fun game of matching cards. Each card has a picture with the name of the action their furry friend is doing. The goal is to match the picture together with reading the word and memorizing the French words. 

DVDs & CDs

Each DVD and CD had its own theme, using French as its primary language. They came in hard plastic case two DVD in each, than three music CDs in one. Whistfritz DVD had both French and English writing on the cover. Filled with fun interactive shows and songs for young learners to sing along to. My kids loved the birthday movie, they thought it was the funniest of all.  These extra sight and hearing really does help build the interest of learning a new language for your young learner. The bright colors and fun educational songs pulls in their interest and keeps them wanting to know more when you pull out their physical curriculum. 

Extra Whistfritz Online 

The Whistlefritz website has much to offer, especially for the teacher. Two things I found helpful on their website was: (1) FREE Home Educator’s Guide Download, designed to maximize your use of the curriculum. (2) Blog, they provide a blog with ideas, updates, tips and tricks for their company and using their products. Whistlefritz also provides you with additional songs and videos through their YouTube channel. They provide many resources to support you as an educator and to aid your child to learn in a fun and creative way. 

How We Used It

Our family used Whistlefritz French curriculum at least 3 times a week, rather than watching a DVD, playing the matching card game and going through the lessons and activities. My daughter’s favorite thing is the activities throughout the physical book. She is very artistic, and the coloring shapes and numbers were the best for her. Where my son was most interested in the movies, he would laugh and laugh when they would watch the birthday movie. Having the CDs was a great addition as I was able to play them while the kids were playing with toys. As days went on I heard the kids singing to themselves in French. We had a great time reviewing this curriculum, they definitely made it fun and interactive for our children.  

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