Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Presenting to you a math program that offers both online and a physical workbook. Educo International Inc has a easy to use curriculum for your child called Educo Learing Center. We were given a great opportunity to review their Learning Center for 1st grade math, both online program and physical work out that goes along with the online quizzes and practice runs. 

Educo Math Workbook

We were given the opportunity to go through Educo Math Workbook Series, grade 1, with both my eldest son(5) and daughter (4). I enjoyed how well laid out the instructions were in the beginning of their workbook. They covered what you will go through while in their book, along with how the book with go with their online program. You will cover a few topic a with the 1st grade workbook including number system, addition and subtraction, measurement, 2-D and 3-D shapes, spatial sense, patterns and sorting, lastly, data and graph. 

Educo Learning Center Online

I am not tech savvy, my sister and husband help me frequently to work through managing both Apple and Windows products. Thankfully they gave great instructions to follow in the beginning of their workbook on how to set up your account online. Once you get set up each practice quiz and quiz will align with what the student had learned from heir workbook. These quizzes come up as a pop up additional browser so be sure to allow pop ups on your browers. It was easy for both children to work through, simple easy layout bottoms. They were given the option to either drag the answer to the box or to type the numbers in. After the first practice quiz my son was able to coast through primary by himself.

Side note: this very well could have been my Apple MacBook as their older. I could not use Educo Learning Center online using my desktop Mac. We were able to set up and use with no problems using my husbands windows laptop. 

About the Company 

Educo Learning Center is one of serval programs Educo International Inc. provides. They are now providing learning portals servicing schools and colleges in serval college in serval countries. Their vision in mind is having the student’s foundations in two critical areas; Quantitative skills amd Langauge. Educo Math Workbook and Educo Learning Center align with Common Core Curriculum and critical thinking activities. 

How our family used it 

We were able to use this workbook and online learning 3-4 times a week, but we took it slow. Going from workbook one day and the online quizzes the next. My son who’s very much loves being on the computer enjoyed the online part the best, not surprised. As my daughter enjoyed writing and working through the book more. Both sides I enjoyed, the online quizzes gave the student another opportunity to retain the information that was taught in the workbook. We also kept the workbook along side us when going through the practice quiz in case they wanted to use a number chart. Over all we definitely enjoyed it and will be continuing to use it until finished. 

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