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Indescribable Kids Devotional has been a fun adventure. This hard cover devotional has been our nightly routine over the last few weeks. Each day has a different topic and wonderful photos. Keeping our kids engaged and wanting to know more. Tommy Nelson’s “The Wonder of Creation” devotional has kept their attention. 

Over the last few months my kids and I have been going over many different subjects. One being learning about the human body. Inscribable Kids Devotional had a lesson on the concept of cells and viruses. My kids thought it was best. At the end of the explanation on how viruses attacked your cells, it follows up with how this is applicable to Gods word, than a small prayer. Helping the kids to know how you can use many different topics and lessons on different subjects. 

Each devotional is on a different subject; 

Animals – from honey guide birds to flying snakes to narwhals 

Space – from black holes to volcanic moons to gamma- ray bursts

People -from optical illusions to brain freezes to our immune systems 

Earth-from rainbow rivers to blue lava to flowing glaciers

The Wonder of Creation devotional starts off with a Bible verse using “NCV” translation. I would go find another version on my preference, typically NKJV or amplified. After the verse it goes into a couple paragraphs on a subject (about an animal, science or plants), tying that into how it applies to Gods word. Lastly a small prayer in to lead out. Each page has a “explore the wonder” bubble at the end if you wanted to continue with that subject. 

Regarding the devotionals we had went through together we enjoyed most tremendously but one. It was one of science subject ones that I had read partly through and than question what they were teaching as it headed into a phycological meaning behind why you acted a certain way, and how this was proven by scientists which I’m sure is true, that scientists have studied that and believe it. I did not agree with it, my personal beliefs. We had just skipped that one half way through and went to a different page. 

Overall all we really enjoyed using this devotional and will be continuing to use periodically. Especially when we find topic on what were learning else where that relate to one of the devotional pages. It was cool to see how the Lord fit our schooling into our nightly devotional, as the kids and I were able to learn more throughout each step of our day.

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