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Looking for an app that can help you memorize your bible verses? The Bible Memory App – Bible Memory is that app for you! Bible Memory PRO is an app that challenges you to keep memorizing scriptures with getting points and upgrading levels. 


As you log into your new account you get to purchase which version of the Bible you want to start reading or memorizing through. Cost of each verison is $9.99 for the PRO. Each purchase is permanent, not requring a subscription.

As you read through you are able to select a verse and click their “memorize” button that appears on the bottom. In doing so they move to verse to your “my verses” sections where you are able to start their memorizing program! 

As you start your first verse they show each word and you just click the first letter of each words. Bible Memory PRO does make it challenging as well, each time you go through the verse, they block out some words, than taking out all the words in order for you to memorize the verse. 

When you miss a word or forget the word and type a letter that was not the next word, they than place a red line over that word in order to help you remember which word you are struggling with. 

Each day you will load up the app and go through either one or multiple verses or even if you choose entire chapters of your choice to memorize!


Bible Memory PRO is extremely useful when you are in a bible study group that asks you to memorize scripture. Or you can independently have the desire to want to instill a verse in your heart and mind and use Bible Memory PRO to do so. 

Personally I used it for our women’s bible study and my son used it for his Bible memory verses in his schooling. We also had gone over one verse as a family the Lord laid on our hearts during devotions one morning that I wanted to instill to each child’s mind and heart. Although only 2 of the 4 kids had used in the app in order to memorize. The youngest two don’t know letters yet. 

As you can see Bible Memory PRO has many different ways you can use it. As long as you know your letters you can use their tools! 


One thing I enjoyed most about using Bible Memory PRO was that you are reminded once a day to review your verse. Keeping you interested and wanting to go over them, taking only minutes. As you review your verse each day you complete the verses earning points and leveling up. Using this app is convenient as its on your phone and an app that is right before you click on the FaceBook app. 

Kids love phones, right? My daughter loves to do her “work” on her phone (not a real phone). She does this because she sees me do work on my phone or computer. Having the Bible Memory PRO loaded up and simply ready go to gave me even 5 minutes of spreading that time with my son and daughter going over a verse together. Rather that be mine or theirs, we were able to sit and read aloud, taking turns clicking each letter for the verse. 

I throughly enjoyed using the Bible Memory PRO app, as did my kids. I will be continuing to use this app throughout my womens bible study this year and memorzing scripture using this tool.

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