The Survivor

The survivor, HeiHei, our last Sliver Laced Wyandotte hen. We were given 6 Sliver Laced Wyandotte hens, all beautiful about a year old already laying. These were our first hens ever. As they were given to us in early March the ground still frozen over, we had to place them in the shed until I could build their coop in spring. Well, our wonderful bored husky (Max) caught a sniff and decided to bust through the gate, through the door and kill 5 out of 6. Leaving HeiHei, our one lone survivor. 

This back story is important today because once again, Max got bored… We’ve struggled with keeping Max in the yard over the last couple years. Most of the time he does well but on occasion he puts a whole in the fence, or in the winter when the wood shifts he figures out how to unlatch the gate. While we are out of the house, he is also out. But today, he got in the coop. 

Upon approaching home from church, I hear his collar jingle right beside the van. He is great with staying near home even when out of the fence. Just waiting our arrival. As I look over at the chicken pen area, the door is open further than normal.. As I call for Max, ears goes back and tail down. This is when I knew. 

Sure enough, two dead hens lay sorrowfully on the ground. But we have 5, so where are the other three? I have sleeping kids in the van that need to be bought in. I put Max back into the yard. Get the kids in and start my search. Theres only two hen in the chicken run, none in the coop. So now I’m looking for tracks, as I hear my soft Heihei’s cry’s. There she is, in the tree! 

At this point she must just think “go high!! He cant get you high!!” As our white hen followed her into the tree. We have now 4 accounted for.. but one still missing. I assume she also fled the scene but decided not to stick around as I cannot find her in the neighborhood at all, nor her body laying about. 

8 months pregnant, I’m climbing through the bush of sticks reaching as high as I can to get my remaining hens back into their sad home. Only 2 remind, but I must say, Heihei, I can never kill you. As you have survived now two Max Attacks and have seen many friends come and go. Here you will grow old, and God willing die of old age. 

My Husbands idea of punishment…there were other consequences for his actions today.