Colloidal sliver (CS) is a natural alternative to antibiotics. It is a modern day “wonder drug” that kills bugs, germs, and evil super germs (antibiotic resistant bacteria). CS is a natural anti-microbial, anti-biotic, anti-fungal, and anti-septic agent. That means it contains natural properties that resist the impact and spread of microbes, bacteria, fungi, viral matter and other irritants. 

How It Works

Binding with DNA 

CS can enter bacterial DNA, and it does so without destroying the hydrogen bonds and prevent the DNA from unwinding. 

Bacterial Cell Membrane Reaction 

Sliver ions can directly attach to the cell membranes of bacteria and can produce a similar cellular reputation-blocking effect. 

It kills invading microbes by dissolving an enzyme that metabolizes oxygen of primitive organisms. This process causes a reaction that suffocates the cell and dies. This is why it works on all types of germs, including super germs. 

Metallic and chelate minerals carry a positive charge, but colloidal bioelectric minerals carry a negative charge. Therefore, the CS clusters binds up with the positive charge on the pathogen. This causes an interruption of the biological function of the organism, which then cannot reproduce. 

Colloidal Sliver Charge


1. Ear/eye Infections

Ear and eye infections can be caused by bacteria or fungi. Putting a drop or two directing in the eye or ear, as you would eye/ear drops to treat any eye infections. 

2. Wound/skin Care

Antiseptic activity of CS may be useful for periodontitis, thrush, burns, boils, abscesses and other conditions. It is considered effective against skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, and tissue damage from burns. 

3. Prevents Colds and Flus

 The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of CS can help prevent the common cold and flu, including the swine fly. 

4. Fights Bronchitis and Pneumonia 

Colloidal Sliver is considered effective as a respiratory support against bronchitis and pneumonia, weather the cause is bacterial or viral. A nebulizer is the most effective way to get colloidal silver into the lungs. Use a tsp, three times a day for 10 to 15 minutes to treat pneumonia or bronchitis. 

5. Stomach/Digestive 

It’s thought to destroy waterborne parasites, and it can also treat digestive problems such as diverticulitis, bloating, abdominal pain,gas, indigestion and acid reflux. 

BONUS! You can use Colloidal Sliver for illness on your live stock too! Chickens, goats, dogs, cat and cows!

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Colloidal Silver – The Silver Lighthouse

How We Have Used and Experienced CS Effects

I got the COVID virus a couple months ago, or at least I was the only one who shown symptoms of having it. It wasn’t pleasant but I didn’t get it nearly as bad as others have. A couple weeks later my son started showing symptoms of having a RSV like cold (wasn’t RSV). But bark cough, sinus inflammation, high fevers. Then a day later another child started the bark cough, shortness of breathe, till all 4 had gotten it. So we started nebulizing CS. I’m not kidding 12-24 hours 3 out of 4 kids were 90% better. Our 3 year old daughter was hit the worse (lips purple-for a short period, wheezing in between words) and it took her 2-3 days longer to recover but still recovered in under week. My theory why hers was a bit harder to fight is because she was given a round of antibiotics earlier this year. Yes, we did checked with their pediatrician before starting the treatment and we got “Great! Go for it!”. Praise the LORD for New Kingdom health care. 

I just got a cold Sunday and was so weak and exhausted I could hardly stand up, so I started nebulizing CS Monday, napped 3-4 times than Tuesday, I cooked, cleaned, finished 3 projects and watched 9 kids. Not 100% better but WAY better with almost all energy back. I have never experienced something that worked so quickly. 

It empowers us to get off the antibiotic merry-go-around that is so popular, yet disturbingly over-prescribed. We have a choice. We have a healthy alternative. With proper cleansing, herbs and natural healing, everyone can be free of disease. Without drugs, and without spending a fortune. We have hope. Praise God for it!