Outsourcing when your homestead is limited in space or resources. If you homestead in the city, you know the difficulty of abiding by the city rules and regulations, limit on space and animals. This should never stop you from what you believe God has called you to. Where God guides, God provides. Even in ways you never except or could see. You are able to find ways away from big cooperations and create a self sufficient life-style. 

What Are You Able To Have At Your Homestead? 

Knowing what you want at your homestead is key. Knowing what you can actually achieve is your goal. I want to be able to produce all the food for our family. Not possible, living in the middle of St Paul with half an acre of land. What I can do, is work all year around to produce as much food as I can for my family. I can successfully grow enough vegetables and our hens produce enough eggs. Goats enough milk, and fruit. I can successfully find other resources for the rest. 

Where Are You Limited? 

Find out what you use on daily or weekly basis that you cannot produce yourself. I’m not taking about the chips, ice cream, or twinkies. Actual staples, real food; honey, milk, grains, or nuts. These will be the items that you will find to find a source outside of your homestead. You want to find a local farmer or another homestead who has an abundance wanting/willing to sell to you. We cannot produce enough grains, honey (praying this changes one day), or nuts.

green tree under white sky
Farm land

Finding Local Farmers To Provide The Items You Lack 

Now you know what you lack and need a way to provide those items. It’s time to get your researching pants on. We would prefer to find organic items from organic farmers, if possible. This makes things honestly, a little easier. Organic farmers in MN I’ve found aren’t usually big enough to be selling only bulk to large cooperations. This opens the door to you! 

I have found two “local” (1 to 2 hour drive) for cow and goat milk, another farm for goat breeding, grains and a family member who supplies our honey. 

Extra Land, Outside The City Or With Friends/Family

Having an extra land is extremely beneficial, and you don’t need to live there! Depending on the type of land you buy/rent/borrow will give you your options. Sharing a chunk of land with family/friends is great because they are living on the land and might be willing to aid if whatever you plan on doing there. Meat birds, growing more vegetables or even grains, trapping. 

Buy acres of land out side your city but within 30-45 minutes is beneficial. You can purchase hunting land where you can go out a few times a year. Forest also provides land that you are able to forage without any worry of taking too much, as its your land. You can take your time and slowly build a cabin off grid, if that’s what you’re into. Or clearing the land to grow more produce. When buying land next to other farm lands for the clearing. You need to know what the farmers next you to are using on their land. If you’re wanting as organic as possible you need clean soil, without neighbors spreading their cooties. 

wood light nature garden
Foraging land, clover


Finding a state park or a friend with land to forage on, in my book, is essential! From spring through the winter, this is where you get your medicine. With added bonuses of mushrooms, berries and ramps. We forage for all our herbs and medicinal plants serval times a week during spring/summer/fall. During the winter we go for barks and winter berries. 

You do what you want to do. Outsourcing when your homestead is limited builds skill and is so rewarding. If you have it placed in your heart and mind to do the work to provide a way for your family to eat whole, organic, local foods for a lower price. You need to put in the work. To work six days and on the seventh rest. Your kids will become hard working men and women who appreciate what they work hard for. The rewards and lessons learned are more incredible than I ever imagined they’d be.