We are prepping for goats. It’s an exciting time. As we will soon be introducing some lovely new friends to our “zoo”, as my kids call it.  With living in the city’s you have to prep, plan and sort of papers. As you should prep and plan when having a larger chunk of land, rules and licensing here are a bit more restricting here.

Prepping for goats

Choosing the Right Breed

The city of St Paul only allows two type of goats. Nigerian Dwarf Goats being. With this our options are quite limited. But we still have options! Knowing why you want the goats will play a huge part in what you choose. For us , we want milking goats. Even if its a small amount right now. With that, I’ve read and that Nigerian Dwarf have one of the highest buttermilk volume in their milk. 

Creating Space and Building Structure

Even small goats needs a good size space to roam. As I’ve seen many goat owners keep goats in a pen probably 6ftx12ft, you will want to shoot for more. Some people suggest for two small goats a minimum of 250 sq ft.

Personally we have this in our front yard. Our front yard is fenced off, but this is also where we garden, dog and kids play. It’s not just clear land for them to roam. Although perk of goats, they like to play and be around people. 

Our plan is to have a pen in the back yard with a 6 foot fence and shelter. This is where the goats will stay at night and when we aren’t home. When we are home the goat will roam our front yard.

close up photo of a person s hand petting a black and white goat
Prepping for goats

Knowing Costs

You need to know what the cost is before you get any kind of livestock. You need to make sure you can afford it and aren’t scrapping pennies to feed your goats. They need more than just food and water. Minerals, baking soda, hay, feed and more. 

There’s also the upkeep on their hoofs, knowing what tools you need for that. Unlike chickens goats are more inclined to get sick. What are the costs for medical care? Where will you find medical care? 

Make sure you know everything you’re getting yourself into. You don’t want to wind up having to than rehome your goats because you weren’t prepared. 

Meeting with Goat Owners 

Farmers/homesteaders love to chat about their experiences and stories. Especially those who are selling livestock. As most will want to send their goats off to a good home. Setting up a time to go to a farm or a larger homestead is extremely beneficial. 

You get to see what life looks like with the goats. How they raise their goats, how they treat their goats, what is their space like? Take in as much as you can and ask as many questions as you can. Who cares if you sound new to it? YOU ARE! Thats why you’re there. 

Having goats in our homestead isn’t just a goal achievement crossed off the list. We purpose and plan to reach what we need in the most self sufficient way possible. If you have the time and the energy to put into goats for the love of animals, great. But we aren’t doing that here. As much as I love having the goofy goats around. They are here to teach us. Teach us how milk, how to grow as family, how to care for an animal in pregnancy and birth. To teach our children where milk comes from. To pour hardworking ethics into them. 

We praise God for giving us the desires of our hearts and use them to equip and teach our children to do the same.