Dehydrating onion is a great way to keep onion for storage. Store bought onions will last you 1-2 months. Dehydrating onions will last for years, if stored correctly. Start dehydrating today!

Dehydrating Onions

Why Dehydrate Onions? 

Storage is the main key. If stored correctly they will keep for years. Having onions on hand can spice up any dish you add them too. Self sufficiency, growing your own onions can last 4-6 months. Dehydrating them will make them last even longer. Having a back up plan for meals is always beneficial and making you less dependent on the grocery stores. 

close up shot of onions
Fresh Onions

How Would You Use Them? 

Using dehydrated onions is very similar to using fresh onions. Easiest ways are in; soups, bone or meat stock and instapot meals. Using this method in water brings the onion “back to life” without adding extra time and effort to your meal. Powder the dried onions. Crushing or grinding dried onion and creating onion powder for a dried seasoning to any meal or snack. Adding dried onions to stir fry’s or casserole takes an extra set. My favorite way is to add a splash of broth to your pan and adding the onions. Keeping it on low until the onions become soft and full again. 

How To Store Them?

Glass jars, you will want them. I love my mason jars. Storing most dried produce and herbs in glass jars. This isn’t the only way. You can also get the FoodSaver machine to pull out the air in a plastic bag. The reason I don’t do this is if you have mice (especially city mice), you have them at risk for the mice to get through. Thus leaving you to throw the bag away. Although that FoodSaver does have an attachment for mason jar lids. It will vacuum seal your jars making any dried goods last YEARS.