5 herbs to keep in your medicine cabinet. Having these herbs will help treat most everyday ailments from cuts, to burns, stomachs and headaches. There are thousands of herbs and multiple uses for each herb. These 5 herbs are are the most used and found to be the most beneficial in our house. 

bright blooming goldenrods on thin stems in field

1. Goldenrod

We see it start blowing mid summer till end of summer. It’s known to heal and stop bleeding with anti bacterial properties. It can be use internally and externally. You can dry and grind up the flowers and apply on any cuts or scraps, to aid healing and stop bleeding. Or make yourself a salve with the herb and tallow. 

bunch of fresh dill placed on table

2. Dill 

Do you love your dill pickles? We do, dill has many other fanatics properties, including the use of easing stomach pain, digestion and colic babes. Internal use as a tea infusion or a tincture. For babies, i call it “dill water” as some would use gripe water. It’s just a dilution of dill tea or infusion, given to baby as you would gripe water. 

green mint photo
Peppermint Leaf

3. Peppermint

Natural fever reducer, as it cools the body temperature down when consumed. Peppermint also can calm muscle spasms or release muscle tension when applied unto skin in a salve. Makes a sweet minty tea for hot months. You can also put tea into a spray bottle and apply by spraying on skin to cool body down. 

healthy nature field summer
Stinging Nettle

4. Nettle 

Nettle is loaded with vitamins containing; vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin K1 and vitamin C. Which help your body adsorb the iron and other minerals found in the plant.  Stinging nettle is the common known name for this “weed”. Studies have shown if you sting yourself with this herb, the needles enter your immune system to help fight against seasonal allergies. We take as a tea or add powdered nettle to smoothies for extra vitamin intake. Than get stung most of the time as we harvest herb. 

flowers garden plant pink

5. Echinacea 

Commonly used as as an immune booster when ill or to prevent illness. Relives upper respiratory issues as the anti-inflammatory content extents to the respiratory tract. Reducing infections as echinacea has been shown to stimulate reproduction of T-cells. Using topically has it benefits such as; cell regeneration, reducing scarring, sunburn damage and healing irritated skin. 

person holding a small plant
Growing Dill

If you don’t have it, growing these are extremely easily as most think of them as weeds, because of their fast reproduction. I have purposely planted echinacea and nettle in our yard to harvest. Create a patch in your yard for these medicinal herbs, as you will commonly use them to treat a wide variety of ailments. If you don’t have the space, that’s find. Finding a piece of land that you can forage in will have these herbs. Keeping these 5 herbs in your medicine cabinet will benefit you tremendously.