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Harvesting in Fall

Harvesting in fall is a bitter sweet moment. Warm summer days are ending but you are rewarded by the wonderful growth the Lord has given us this year. From fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. Every plant and word brought to us by Him for His work in us. 

Picking lasts fruits and herbs

As your summer garden comes to end, you get to enjoy picking the last fruits of your labor. Pulling up the beet and potatoes . Plucking the crisp hot peppers off. Don’t forget about the herbs! We have a wonderful herb garden, to which mine get picked almost dry at this time of the year. 

Along with the medicinal herbs that wildly grow. Plantain, burdock, dandelion leafs and roots, wild grape leafs, the list goes on. It’s important to collect and store these herbs. As we use them as medicinal use all winter long, and its a few months before their readily available again. 

Storing Goods

Canning, canning, canning! As much work as it may seem, I personally prefer canning goods. Dried and fresh. There’s a tool that vacuum seals the dry goods into the jars. Having a big pressure cooker has many uses, long with pressure canning foods. From soups to single vegetables. 

I prefer storing as much vegetables in cans so the freezer space in open for meats, or faster used food. Such as freezer meals, fruits for smoothies, etc. As well as in the case of a power outage, you wont loose years of food. Working toward self sufficiency, we need electricity provided by the city, living in the city. 

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Dried Herbs

Drying Herbs 

Drying herbs is simply beautiful. Hanging over the window, storing in glass jars. Providing herbal medicine for your friends and family, just all around beautiful. Using everything the Lord has given us, gives you a certain satisfaction. This is my first priority when harvesting in fall, as each season brings up a new herb. Dandelion, golden rod, raspberry leafs, grape leaf, cramp bark, pine needles, the list goes on. 

These herbs don’t have to come from you yard. If you have wood lands, you most likely grow a lot more than what you think you do. Exploring friends land or foraging through public areas that allowing this, are two great ways to find these herbs. FREE. There the option on buying bulk herb inline, but what’s the fun in that? 

What’s next?

Once you’ve harvest your heart out, and there nothing left for this season. You close up for the season, covering the soil, pulling the dead plants and raking leafs. 

Start on the next. There’s ways to extend your growing season even in Minnesota. Find the vegetables and greens that can within stand some cool weather. Route garden beds are different season of growing. 

Explore everything you can do in your yard and don’t miss out on everything the Lord has for you!