Hi Friends! Do you have a ton of burdock in your yard? This “weed” is an amazing plant and there’s really no need to chop it all to waste. You can use burdock for many things! Harvesting burdock in your yard has medicinal uses and is beneficial to your family and chickens!

One reason why it was drawn to harvest burdock is because my daughter recently got bit by a tick. Her lymph nodes are clogged (going on two weeks), she is also showing other signs of a bacteria infection, due to this tick bit. This lead to a friend who had given us a herbal cream to apply on her nodes, using burdock. So I dug in a bit what burdock can do for this.

Burdock is known for its high antioxidants. It is commonly used as a tea or tincture. For liver damage, skin infections, cancer and inflammation. Because of the antioxidants it is perfect for our little girl to help fight off whatever is going on in her body.

I had already planned to make her a rose hip tincture due to its high vitamin C, figure it would be fun to go harvest some leafs and roots to add in. THIS IS THE BEST. You are fully capable to go right outside in YOUR yard and pick out herbs to help your everyday ailments. It’s literally that easy.

I took my handy dandy gardening knife and chop/dug away. After I collect what I wanted, best leafs and berries, I gave the rest to the chickens. Not going to let anything go to waste. Which they loved! Anytime I cut down any type of plant or ‘weed’, never do I just toss. The chickens get a chance at it or it goes back into the compost.

Your cleaning up your yard, at the same time giving the hens fresh plants or building fertilizer for your garden. Takes no more effort than it would to put into a bag for the local compost site.

I rinsed the burdock and hung most up next to the window to dry. Some went to the making of the rose hip/burdock tincture.

Oragano on left, burdock on right.

Go outside and tell me what is growing in your yard! There’s many groups around that can answer question on what is it. Or come ask me! I would love to go on that adventure with you!