This is our little Joseph. He’s 20 months old and now has anaphylactic reactions to foods. I generalize food because at this age its almost impossible to pin point exactly what is causing these reactions.

A little back story, Joey first started showing allergy reactions at 10 months old. He would break out in hives occasionally, and develop eczema. We didn’t treat his body any different than most families with eczema at this point. We treated the eczema patch with homemade herbal creams and/or salves.

After time, Things started to get worse. The hives would spread to through out his entire body. So we cut out dairy and gluten. Now with having two other kids this wasn’t (still isn’t) easy because if the older two wanted milk. Well sneaky Joe would come around and take it from them. Or his loving sister would give him a bite of whatever she was eating.

Now Joey’s stomach issues was starting to get worse. He would have loose stools 6-8 times a day. This is what freaked me out. That many times a day with hives. At this point it was just a matter of time until his throat would start closing.

The way I look at it is, when two systems are being effected by an allergic reaction (hives, loose stools, heart racing) this is when you can tell you body isn’t handling the reactions well. You’re loosing control on the immune system. I am no certified doctor, just my opinion in the matter of what I have researched on allergies in small children.

One Sunday, Joe developed what is called petechiae rash. Which is a type of bleeding through the skin. After noticing it we took him into the urgency room and got some blood work done. Checking his CBC and more. We did figure out that his white and red blood count was off, and looking further into it, he was most likely fighting off some type of virus. Causing his immune system to work even harder that’s it already does. Leading to that rash.

This is when we switched him to the AIP diet. Auto Immune Protocol. It’s a very strict, not easy, diet. But known to help resolve food allergies and heal your gut. As a growing boy we do need to add supplements to make sure he is getting enough Vit D and calcium especially with no dairy in his diet.

Things went well with that for awhile. We did it for about 45-60 days. I followed advice and started to reintroduce things. Finding that rice, peanuts, dairy and gluten were some of the things that were causing the hives.

Honestly, looking back now. Because of having the skin (hives) and the digestive tract (loose stools) effected the way they were. We should have kept him on that diet for a full 6 months before reintroducing. AIP works great, he was clear, solid poops. It’s just a extremely restrictive diet.

A few more months go by and Joey is still restricted but not as harsh. Closer to a Whole30 diet, if you are familiar with that one. I say closer because we aren’t perfect and add a few things like rice flour , which you wouldn’t be able to do on Whole30.

We have had tests done, blood work for allergies, blood work for sensitives, prick test for allergies. Tests for foods, nature and animals. The only thing that came back positive was a Casein allergy and a very high dairy sensitivity.

Now comes the freaky part. Although Joe at this point was having occasional hives and loose stools here and there. He was doing better than before. He could tolerate periodic gluten with no hives and was doing peanuts again.

As we came home from the store Joe had already eaten peanut butter and some hamburger. As I was giving the kids some tinctures before bed, Joe started coughing immediately after receiving his. My thought was “oh, it may have gone down the wrong tube.” But the cough was persistent. Water next, to see if he could get through this. Then the hives ALL over his legs started.

At this point I knew something was wrong. Than he started point at his tongue, face red, coughing up phlegm or spit. I administered Benadryl. FaceTime my sister to get a second opinion on what’s going on. She also thought my concerns that he is going into anaphylactic shock.

Called 911. THIS IS WHEN YOU SHOULD EPI PEN!!! I should have epi penned him, instead of giving him Benadryl. Than called 911. But I didn’t. After waiting 10 maybe 15 minutes for the ambulance, he’s cough had faded, praise the Lord. The hives were lessening, praise the Lord. The paramedics gave a look at him and check his breathing. He seemed to be doing much better.

Joesph slept in our bed that night so I can watch his breathing. Being a mom there was no sleeping, no matter where he was. So I sat up till 3-4am watching videos and reading articles on what to do when something like that happens again, and what not to do. Like, not using that epi pen..

If your baby or child has ANY allergy minor or large. I highly encourage you to research on what can happen. Because it happens so quickly. We still don’t know if it was the tincture, peanut butter, or something he ate an hour prior and he’s body prolonged the reaction.

God knows your heart and knows your children better than you ever will. His spirit speaks to you when something like this happens. I know He did for me during this. He has a plan and purpose for each moment good or scary. For everyone involved. Even the other littles. Pray and seek what the Lord has for your family.