Utilizing Every Inch Of Space In Your Yard

It started with a hill. Our back yard is small… fits two cars, plus this 4 maybe 5 foot wide patch of grass, that has a small hill in the middle. My main purpose for taking the hill down was for the soil to move into my raised garden beds, which are in the front yard. My husband wanted the lot leveled so its less likely to flood our basement. But than…ideas came…

As Joe and I were plowing through the dirt and loading it into the wheel barrow. We were finding all sorts of cool rocks. Which than began the rock hunt. I gathered my other kiddos and started their “treasure hunt” to collect all the rocks they could. Yes, they enjoy and I benefit because we will reuse these rocks on a later project.

Next up was the sand. Now days prior I was praying about getting the chicken what’s call grit. Basically just rocks and sand to help them digest food. We get out chicken feed and other essentials from Azure. Which is a once a month delivery, we love supporting them. But I kept praying about and just didn’t have peace about placing an order this month. Which here is one of many reasons why, the Lord provided free grits!!! Just needed to dig up a little dirt and we are spreading the love everywhere!

When your clearing out an area you find all sorts of fun things. We ended up finding this sweet metal pole. My guess it was once used as a outdoor clothes drying pole to which previous owners just chopped. After digging that sucker out it left a nice big hole for the kids to jump into…and find even more rocks.

As my husband joined on day #2 of clearing this area. He got the rake out, and did the clean up job. Which I am thankful and so are the chickens because all the grass and weeds that was in the mix of things ended up in their coop to eat or move around. Whatever they do with it. I would have left it, but it needed to be done.

Woohoo! After 10-12 wheelbarrows full of dirt, weeds, sand and rocks. We finished! But now I have this well tilled, cleaned, leveled lot in the back of the house.. Right as growing season begins…….now I could just lay grass seed and call it good, but what fun would that be? So yes, I turned it into another garden bed! More food , right? It’s needed.

I’m not too certain how things will grow back here. Just because its awfully shaded and get maybe 4-5 hours of full sun. Which is great for broccoli or greens. So I threw some seeds in there 5-6 different things and we will give it a shot. Most likely will put a chicken wire cheapee fence to just keep rabbits out…or children…

As we continue to clean up the entire yard. More ideas comes to mind how we can utilize every inch. Just take one area at a time, as the lot gets cleaned and set up, you’ll find you have more room than you thought you did. Living in the city is no country living. But it can be just as rewarding if you put the work into it.

Stayed tune to see if something actually grew back here…

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