This is a fun yet sad story. How we came to own chickens is a family friend had 8 chickens 2 roosters, 6 hens. They were moving out of their hobby farm and needed someone to take the chickens. As they had been making decisions I was praying for some for our little home. Knowing we didn’t have much to put into building a coop, feeders and all the thins that come needing to care for chickens. Although I did have a plan on where I wanted to build all this and make a place in the yard for them. Than came the glorious day of when they asked if we wanted them. Of course I didn’t hesitate and said yes. 

This gave us a few months to prep for the chickens. This would be around November when we got word that we were getting the chickens. Thankfully before the snow fell that year I had a dug and put up fence poles. Being that I was pregnant with ZevidaEve, I called it nesting.. 

Plans had changed with them and we were goin to get the chickens soon than excepted. Which meant since my planned coop wasn’t done. Apparently its hard to build a fence in the snow. We put the chickens in the shed next to garage temporarily till I was able to build their home. Now, this shed is connected to the garage but the door isn’t all that great. 

Four days after we got the chickens. Our beloved dog, Max, got out of the fence and was so excited to meet those chickens. He busted the door open, and had the time of his life. Personally I don’t believe he intended to kill them. I think he was just having a grand time chasing them around a very small room. There was no blood anywhere. Even as my husband and brother butchered them, there was was very little to no wounds from teeth on some. Some claim chickens can have heart attacks when they get too scared and find no escape.  

The coop area is much more cleaned up now..

As I walked into the devastating room where my new friends lay dead, feathers scattered, we even had the red heat light to make it a little more horrifying. I look up and one lone survivor had manage to up fly to the top shelf and watch all her sisters, perish. So, we named her Heahea, from Moana. That little chicken that seems to make it on her long journey. 

My husband felt bad for me because I always dreamed of having a hobby farm. As I got a taste of that life, it was close to shattering. But we ended up finding a farm near by to which sell chicks and full grown chickens. 

We got 5 more chicks. They had to stay in the house till fully feathered, so out Heahea was alone for some time. I made sure to go out there once or twice a day and talk with her. After about a week or two one little guy/girl ended up perishing. 

I think it was due to the feed the lady and store clerk told me to get. As it followed a few days later I found the chicks ended up developing “sticky butt”. Their poop gets suck to their butt. So everyday, I washed their little bums. Adding low mineral oil to their water. Changed their food, gave them fresh veggies, fruits and herbs. But we still ended up loosing another a couple weeks after that. 

Now I’m still new to this whole chicken thing so it could have been another reason they died. This is just what I think was happening. Now, there were 3 chicks and 1 Heahea. After many more weeks and the weather started warming, chicks were getting bigger. I had got their coop to a point where they could go outside. 

Hooray! Heahea is no longer alone! It took some meetings and introduction for her to get along with the new chicks. But as of today they are becoming friends. Especially now that they share a house.