Mother of three, pregnant with #4. Husband and I are currently knee deep in renovating of current home on the east side of Saint Paul. A couple years back we decided to get our roof redone. In this process a big storm came and blew the tarps off the roof causing major flooding throughout the entire house. Which than lead to serious mold issues. Then came the best option, taking everything apart to make sure all the mold was killed.

With my husband working full time and us not entirely sure how this was going to go. We started taking everything down to the studs took about a year to a year and half. We did live in the house for awhile until the Lord provide another home just a few blocks down where we could temporarily stay for a year. This gave us the time to make sure all the mold was cleared and cleaned out. As well as making it so we had an upstairs sheet rocked and electrical a new for us to live safely with small children when we moved backed in.

Now back in the house, we currently raise 3 children 4 and under and #4 due in November (planning a home birth). We homeschool, involved in ministry and are rebuilding our home. My husband does do small amounts of handy man work on the side to pay the bills but mostly is here at home putting the house back together. As much work as this can all be, I honestly wouldn’t change it. Our marriage and child training have grown tremendously in this time. As we walk through this season we are able to work through out selfishness and humble ourselves. God is there leading every step of the way. Our marriage has grown and our children are being raised in a hard working home environment. Which I couldn’t be more proud.

Each day brings each one challenges with having small children and rebuilding a home. There is no way I change a thing. There is refining through it all.